It has been a bit more than year since Résistance has started sharing the love. To celebrate our first birthday, here is a brief interview with a master of melody, beat and depth, Dusty Kid.

Can you tell us about your musical background and your venture into electronic music?

Classical, psychedelic, progressive rock and American folk… These are the genres I listened to when i was growing up. My family was and still is addicted to music.

How would you describe your own sound? Do you see your music as being progressive? How has your sound evolved since your solo debut as Dusty Kid in 2005?

Many people always tell me that my music is instantly recognizable. I don’t know if I should consider it as a compliment or not, what i hope is that my productions sound different compared to the big amount of shit placed in the market right now!

What is your production setup? As an analog fan, how do you feel about music software’s increasing dominance in electronic music production?

I think both software and hardware have their own merit. While an analog synth is capable to give you certain atmospheres and vibes, music production software will let you make music basically everywhere you bring your laptop. However it is also worth noting the fact that electronic music right now doesn’t sound as good as 10 years and more ago. Most of the recent releases are too clean and bodiless, which is not good at all. I like that big and fat sound of the 80’s and 90’s, and not everybody is able to reach it nowadays.

Not many people have the balls to produce a 17-minute song such as “America”. What were your influences in creating such a deep and emotional piece?

All my memories of the road trips I had with my family when I was young, Thelma and Louise movie, Ennio Morricone’s soundtracks, and certainly all those incredible shivers i feel every time i think about a sunset or about Monument Valley.

You have had your U.S. debut at Electric Zoo in NY. Are there any plans for more performances in the U.S.?

Sure, in 2011 my new album will come out and I’ll be there to perform it live!

What’s on Paolo Lodde’s Ipod?

I have a 160gb Ipod, so almost all my records have been ripped and stored there. You can find almost every genre on my Ipod, from Miles Davis to Lady Gaga, from Coldplay to Led Zeppelin, from Tangerine Dream to Bach.

What does the future hold for Dusty Kid? Are there plans for another LP in the near future?

Hopefully the new album will be released this summer or around September; It’s growing up very well. It has some dreamy tracks and some acid techno bleeps, mostly with an old school touch.